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Just beer!

SAMO PIVO! – JUST BEER! is a pub/bar established with the intention to contribute to popularisation of beer culture in Serbia and development of the new concepts of beer consummation, which, unfortunately, are still insufficiently present in Serbia.

The main idea behind SAMO PIVO! – JUST BEER! project is that Belgrade and Serbia should finally have a place entirely dedicated to beer and all beer brands available in Serbia, and improving the culture of drinking this popular beverage. Our goal is to gradually endorse the notion of the rich and beautifully diversified world of beer, by educating the public, promoting insufficiently recognised brands and presenting entirely new brands, currently not available on our market.

SAMO PIVO! – JUST BEER! is not just another regular bar or pub, similar to hundreds of others in Belgrade, but represents an entirely original concept, combining the well known elements specific for English pubs (big variety of beers, well informed staff knowing exactly what to offer to the customers, natural and laid-back atmosphere) with some characteristics typical for Serbian market (hospitality, openness and communicability).